That was my first time and to be honest, it's not that easy as people may think it is. My aunt asked me to draw caricatures of her and her fiancé (separately) and I can say that it's not my style at all! I'm going to show you 'work in progress' - how it came out... like that. 


I don't really know what to say about it. I think my aunt likes them, but for me (as author) they are far away from what I'd like to draw, from the image I had in my head. I want to draw more often so I can show you drawings, but if I want them to be really amazing, it takes time and practice. Also I think 'work in progress' is interesting, unfortunately I'm forgetting to save img time to time, heh. :)
Waiting for your opinions. Don't be too mean, it was my first time! XD