Dresslink co-op? wishlist

Okay okay! Is it a joke? - that was my thought after seeing a Chinese titled mail and reading that it was an invitation to participate in the blog event. I'm afraid it is a dream and I'll wake up in a moment. Well, look truth in the eye. I have 46 followers, and I thought to establish cooperation you need a thousand, or half of it. Those who read my blog, perhaps from the very beginning (are there some?:D) know that I'm not sweating here and tell about my live and feelings for any cooperations. I don't know why they chose my little poor blog. In any case, my wishlist that I was asked to do.



Still, I don't know much about how it works, what I am supposed to do, but we'll see. I don't even know if cooperation has been already established, or this is a "test". In any case, if you want to click on links or pictures, they both are linked. If you tell the price, I will pick 3 blogs, and recommend in the next post. At that time I will also enable verification of the comments, so people won't copy from other and it will be fair. :)