Hate speech

Hate speech. It crashes my heart into pieces, because it takes root in my favorite place - Internet. If you say 'I have never witnessed anything like this' I'll probably laugh out laud at you. Who these days doesn't have at least Facebook account? It's enough that you join a group where you don't know anyone and comment your opinion on something. Probability that someone will offend, provoke or humiliate you is about 80%. Our virtual society is slowly drowning in the swamp and it hurts me seeing people 'having fun' this way. I want you to realize something you dunderheads: this is violence and mobbing (more or less, depends what you're saying ofc). Not everyone are strong enough to survive this, so be aware of consequences and if the person you 'tease' will suicide it's on your account, your fault. It doesn't matter if it's  a classmate or a stranger in the Internet - you are responsible.

DON'T FORGET that you have right to feel secure and happy, so if you're someone's target report it to your parents, teachers, principal, psychologist or an adult. ASK FOR HELP, because you have this right! Even if you think that it's gonna be worse (it might be at the begining), don't forget that you can defeat them that way at the end! I don't want to write about it anymore, because it's pissing me off. I can't even get myself together.

Share your thoughts about it with others! Encourage them to fight against mobbing!