Lightning bolt

Hello. Have I ever started post by saying that? Nevermind. One month ago I won in a giveaway ran by some blogger and sponsored by www.banggood.com. Their website has a lot categories so it's not only fashion, but he you can find clothing section. Check it out if you're interested! I could pick one item from the link they gave. Thanks god I thought about getting long sleeve, because fall is coming and it's not that warm outside anymore. Among lots of colorful blouses, crop tops I found this black and white beauty! I'm curious what you guys think about it, because I'm loving it.

I'm not into comments like 'nice pic, visit my blog', so those are always mark as spam. Tell me what you think about this photoshoot instead and if you ever heard of www.banggood.com.

I'd love to run another giveaway, maybe one day in a future.

Seeya. :)