How to cheat on exams?

Do you know this feeling when a guy who own the house that you live in does some renovations on the ground floor and cuts your Internet cable? Sucks considering that you're figuring out that it's his fault in the end of the day. Last few days I've spend on sunbathing, because weather is amazing, plus this is the end of my holidays, yes, my school year starts 21st August. So these ways of cheating on exams will work if you already know answers. Unfortunately, if you want better grade and you know that you'll have open questions, you need to study. Though I understand it's boring as hell, so here comes some ideas:

Nobody will check your writing instruments, so this is the perfect way to smuggle information. A white or light pen is the best and it would be better to see what you've written there, which you will do with a gel pen and cover with transparent tape. Be careful! don't make your answers too large or too visible, and you're ready to crash this exam. This is how I was cheating on a Social Studies, sitting in the first desk, right in front of my teacher. 

Not all teachers allow to have things other than a paper and a pen on the desk, but if you're so lucky you can easily use that against your teacher! On a water or juice bottle simply list the answers, and cover with transparent tape to protect it, so it won't blur. Do not forget to drink time to time, otherwise someone can become suspicious. Also remember that the letters shouldn't be too big, and you can hide them among the texts on the label, it will be harder to notice for a teacher walking around the classroom.

GO GIRLS! because in this case the teachers are helpless. Skirt not only looks pretty, but it can conceal evidence of your crime. Just list everything that you need on your thigh and don't get caught while peeking! It will not be so easy in practice and you have to know whether it pays you to use this method. Place and bench where you sit is very important. Someone in front of you needs to hid your legs! Immediately after the exam wash it off.

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