Sims 4 | Aliens?!

Well good! Yesterday I installed the Sims 4, and surprisingly it's running smoothly even with the addition of Get to work. I created a little family Darker - Lucas (my boyfriend also in real life) and me, but I also decided to try for a baby to complicate the game a little (successfully, I was pregnant). XD About new products and opportunities in this part I didn't know anything before, so it was a surprise to me when aliens abducted Lucas-sim.

I couldn't prevent it, because I didn't even notice that he disappeared. Only when they gave him back in the glow of blue light, I realized the presence of aliens in The Sims. After a few virtual days, I've noticed that my husband's belly grew. 'Strange abdominal pain' - told me the game and I thought that jogging will help him get rid of a few kg. Only after some time I've noticed that his gait is very similar to pregnant women gait . And when I found the 'check if it kicks' option, I was sure that in his belly there is some form of life.

'What did you do to me? I'll die!'- Commented Lucas. It was quite funny, I must say. The first time I've met with male pregnancy (haha). In addition, sometimes a strange light emanated from the area of his belly, which was accompanied by the strange (UFO) soundtrack.

It was the first hour spent with Sims 4 and it made me laugh so hard. Although I still have problems with the construction of houses (editing is very developed), but like to try and learn new things. I'm not good at this; I can make the inside look really cool, but I have a problem with the design of the outside. However, I want to introduce you to a few other pictures of our UFO child.

Happened also situations that I was somewhat alarmed with (so much... that I was crying out of laughter). Lucas-sim could breast-feed the alien baby. The picture below is showing this moment (as well as the second child, which Laura-sim gave birth to a little earlier - AIDEN).

I asked Lucas how we should name our little alien, but he didn't want to participate. I had to come up with something by myself and it was a torture (or not). I named him ALIEN. What irony. ;) All in all, when I told Lucas that there is an option to send the baby to the mother planet, he urged me to do it. But I didn't and little boy stayed with us. :) The choice of clothes for him is very limited - his suit can change the color in some places, that's it.

Did you play in The Sims 4 and this add-on? I am very curious if anyone else has experienced something like this (or something weirder). Declare about your stories with The Sims 4! :)