Third eye

It's gonna look disgusting when you'll get old, because of wrinkles. What if you'll stop liking  after a while? What is its meaning, tattoos must have one! Why did you do it to your skin? More and more people get tattoos, what a pathology. Only criminals are doing it to themselfs, better stop thinking about it! Is it how you trying to survive a crisis? What's up with these bangs by the way? Better go to the hairdresser and don't experiment by yourself. You look awful.

 A person who did this tattoo for me has a really nice approach to it: "if you get tired of it, you can think about it like a piece of skin". I desiged this for myself. I was inspired by my dress that I'm wearing on the pictures and Egyptian eye. If you follow me on Instagram or snapchat: escbox you've already seen it. :) I'm happy because it's something I came up with - a design that has its own litte meaning - why I started to write my blog and how much I've changed during this time - a little reminder.

I'm baking Anpans! I will let you know if I succeeded. I can wholeheartedly recommend the anime Lovely Complex, awesome comedy with a beautiful love story. The main character has a complex about her growth and she's falling in love with a lower friend. They personalities are so alike! Because of that  and their growth they are comedians at their class - they tease each other and even fight a bit, but in a healthy way. :) Do you want to know more about their love? Check this anime