To be an outsider

Spending breaks all alone and thoughts that no one is noticing you is what usually an outsider  feels, if he didn't choose this fate. For some reason he or she was unable to make any new friends in a school full of strangers. Too shy to make the first step and doesn't know what to talk about with others, because she or he simply doesn't know them and their interests. How to fight it? With each passing day it becomes more and more difficult, because everybody already have their own group of friends. They no longer care or try to talk to him or her and it seems that they don't even notice thend outsider.

It's time to work in groups. Although this may sound like the best way to learn about each other and talk, it's more like hell. An outsider can't really open him- or herself and say whatever he or she wants, and even the group push him or her aside. Each day at school becomes torture, because who wants to feel alone all of the time? If only someone could reach hand maybe it would be easier? Little chance to open up could change his or her everyday life at school and reassure.

I ask you to take and outsider under your wings. Perhaps the conversation won't be sticking together at the beginning, but over time you will see for yourself the person he or she is and you may feel that it was worth to spend a few moments in silence? If and outsider will trust you, he or she will open up to you.