ZNU giveaway! ENDED

I wanted to organize the giveaway just as I hit 100 followers, but shops that I'm cooperating with for quite some time didn't really want this. I got an offer from ZNU to organize such a thing, and I hope that you'll like the award, which I had to choose myself. The rules are very simple, and I hope that you will take part, because the more people ... the more giveaways will I do in the future? I do not know, anyway, I'm glad that I have such an opportunity.

1. Register on www.znu.com
2. Follow ZnuOfficial on facebook
3. Follow ZnuOfficial on G+
4. Follow my blog (blogger) +2 entries

1. Follow me on Instagram +1 entry
2. Subscribe to my Youtube channel +1 entry
3. Add the banner with link to this post on your blog +1 entry

As you can see on the banner the giveaway ends on August 26, a few days later (max 4 days) I will announce the winner in one of the posts that I will add then. I chose a winner at randomly. So far the only idea that comes to my mind is to write on slips of paper your names and pick, but maybe I'll find some other electronic way. Information about giveaway I will also publish on my FB and Instagram.

SUKIENKA                        TWO-PIECE                           SUKIENKA

    TWO-PIECE                           TWO-PIECE                         TWO-PIECE
If you want you can also click on links above, but it is not necessary to enter the giveaway. YOU NEED TO FOLLOW MY BLOG TO GET OPTIONAL ENTRIES.
Application form:

1. I follow blog as:
2. I follow Instagram: YES(name)/NO
3. Subscribe to Youtube: YES(name)/NO
4. Banner on the blog: YES(link)/NO
5. E-mail on ZNU: